Technology knowledge

Technology isn’t a cure all– but it is a tool I have worked to leverage to create stronger, more equitable experiences for students and their families.

Teaching expertise

After 13 years of working in special education in urban schools, I know the challenges students, families, and teachers face– and the incredible power they have when they work together.

Research skills

Qualitative and mixed methods research tools can gives insights into what is working in our systems and what can be improved–inisghts we can harness to create a more just educational system. 

what I believe

every student deserves an
empowering  education 

All students deserve an empowering education, a teacher who nurtures their dreams, and a school that helps them thrive, not just survive. My passion is in bridging the gap between our rhetoric and students’ lived experiences by drawing on educational technology, research tools, and the wisdom of the educators and families already doing the work. 

My passion projects

The pandemic highlighted the uneven access to resources for students, families, and teachers. StopLearningLoss is a free bank of paper and digital resources that families and teachers can draw on to make time out of school educational– and to make access to resources a bit more equitable.

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my passion projects

Racial inequities in our schools are baked into the system itself– including through tracking, the practice of sorting some (mostly white) students into high-levels of courses and others (mostly Black and Brown) students into low-levels of courses. The real question is what do we do about it? This website has practical tips and resources for detracking.

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My final passion project is a collection of resources for special education teachers and families. Teachers need access to shared knowledge, tips, and tools to excel– and families need to know their rights and what they should expect from their schools. The goal of is to do both and to help bridge the gap between what students with disabilities deserve, and what they too often receive in schools. 

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