Welcome! Thank you for visiting my site. For those of you I don’t already know, I’m Rose. This site is a collection of some of projects I have worked on over the past few years! During my doctoral work and postdoctoral work, I began working on educational research– and you can read about that on the site! But now I am back to my pre-doctoral program loves. Technology and special education! 

I do freelance web design for academics and mission-centered organizations- and create technology enhanced resources to support students with disabilities– and their families and their teachers. My goal is to create a world where multiply-marginalized students  receive the same empowering, affirming education that we want for all of our students. But technology is what I am good at and so I use it to advance my social mission!

Thank you again for visiting! I would love to hear from you– email me at rose@rosesebastian.com.